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We know you love your dog and you feel guilty every day when you leave them home alone, bored and lying around all day long. Some dogs can experience separation anxiety if they have to be alone all day.

They can destroy furniture, bark non-stop or have accidents. Doggie Day Care will allow you to finally have guilt free workdays. Benefits are astounding. It's best way to socialize and tire them out. So, that way you can simply relax and enjoy their company at home after long day of playing. 

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you do for your pet!

That's why we are around to help out, as needed. 

Day Care Prices 

1-Day Pass $30
5-Day Pass  $145 or $29/per day
10-Day Pass  $280 or $28/per day
20-Day Pass  $540 or $27/per day
 Half Day Pass $19
Passes expires in 3 months from the date issued.

We offer Cage Free Boarding.
We also believe that some dogs require to be separated.
We have cages available and separate play areas, as needed.

No matter how much time each dog requires we offer the same price.
Our prices does not depend on age, size or attention needed!

Dog Boarding Rates Per Night:

1st Dog             $48 plus Tax
2nd Dog           $42 plus Tax
3rd Dog            $40 plus Tax
Bath                  $25 plus tax

We require:

  • Your dog to  attend of camp before first boarding. 
  • Current Rabies and DHLLP 
  • Kennel Cough Vacine within past 6 months 
  • Bring your own food in sealed container and with food bowl inside
Office Hours:

 Weekdays    7-11AM   4-7PM
 Weekends    8-11AM   4-6PM